About Sláinte Acupuncture
Maggie Burns
Lic. Ac., C. Ac(Nanjing), mAFPA, mETCMA.
I qualified with the AFI (Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland) in Dublin in 2012 and I am a member of the AFPA(Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association) established in 1987 and ETCMA(European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association). Part of my training consisted of working in acupuncture hospitals in Nanjing, China which was a terrific experience for me.

Originally, I worked as a Veterinary Nurse, caring for animals. I then spent time at home rearing my family and during that time acupuncture became the primary form of healthcare for my children and me. This very positive, personal experience with acupuncture prompted me to work at it myself and I went on to study and qualify in it.

My treatments are covered by the private healthcare insurance companies in Ireland such as Laya, Aviva, VHI, HSF and the St. Pauls Gárda Medical Association.

What Clients say

  • Relief from period pain, stress and anxiety. Weight loss.
    "Maggie, I really appreciate your personalised attention when I most need it.  Not only have my periods improved but on an emotional level, I feel calmer.  My anxiety has also reduced and I have managed to lose weight and take control of my life again.  Thank you really for all your kindness".

    N. A. G., Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

  • Bereavement support, anxiety and stress relief.
    "When Maggie was training to be an acupuncturist, she treated me for anxiety and stress and it helped greatly.  I continued to come back to her for different ailments like a strained muscle in my arm and leg pain.  And when I lost my son through suicide, it really helped me at that traumatic time and gave me the will to go on".

    Breda Maher, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
  • Back pain relief.
    "I went to Maggie with severe lower back pain and after a few sessions with her, I was able to move with ease and no pain.  Thanks, Maggie. I would highly recommend Maggie."

    Bridget, Co Waterford.

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Maggie Burns Acupuncture is a member of the AFPA and ETCMA, and is fully insured. The following health insurance providers recognise and cover treatments: